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3 Dives Photos - CBS' The Amazing Race

3 Dives was featured on CBS' The Amazing Race finale on May 10th 2005. Contestants were sent to Lucea to buy onions then sent to 3 Dives to chop them up. When they finished Lydie gave them their next clue. Here are a few screenshots from the show, and a


(19 megabytes in in Windows Media format - if you don't have a high speed connection to the internet you can right-click and download the file first, then watch it from your computer) - enjoy!!
Rob and Amber arrive to chop some onions (see Paula to the left?)

Ron and Kelly take a turn

The Winners: Uchenna and Joyce (in last place at 3 Dives but they came back....)

Lydie with Kelly

(photos courtesy of JamaicaMike)

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