3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar - Negril, Jamaica
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Videos from 3 Dives Jerk

"Untapped Unplugged Negril" featuring 3 Dives

(Some spontaneous live music jamming videos are here)

3 Sheets (TV show) at 3 Dives

Comic Zane Lamprey travels the world to learn about cultures by participating in local drinking customs, events and traditions. In the Jamaica episode he samples jerk chicken, beer and overproof rum at 3 Dives. The 3 Dives part begins about 1/4 of the way through.

A Walk Through 3 Dives (when we are closed)

Getting Ready for Jerkfest 2008

Entering Jerkfest 2008

A Wedding Voew Renewal Ceremony at 3 Dives

3 Dives

Fire Dancing at 3 Dives, Negril, Jamaica

Boat and Bonfire at sunset 3-Dives Jerk Centre on RealNegril!

Onelife at 3-Dives RealNegril.com webcast!

Glennzee explaining his love for Red Stripe Beer

Vince Herman and Friends Jamming at 3 Dives

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