3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar - Negril, Jamaica
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Live Music Every Tuesday

Join us every Tuesday at sunset for live music on the cliffs! (In season)

3 Dives is featured in Caribbean Travel and Life!

Some lovely photos and nice words about us in the February 2012 issue - click the picture to check it out!
Caribbean Travel and Life February 2012
Caribbean Travel and Life

A visit from the Travel Channel resulted in a reccommendation for us.

Paula is the featured "Postcard of the Week" in Sunshine and Stilettos...congratulations Paula!

Jamming at 3 Dives

We added some photos and video from a visit from some of our musical friends a couple of years ago....


Jerkfest is held at 3 Dives on the last Sunday in November every year. There's live music, tons of food and lots of jerk, of course.


We've added a new video page for youtube videos of 3 Dives - check it out!

3 Dives Jerk in Negril, Jamaica

Meet Lydie, Paula and friends...

Welcome to Negril and welcome to 3 Dives! Up on the west end of Negril, Jamaica (an area also known as "the cliffs") is one of the secret gems of Jamaica - 3 Dives restaurant and bar.

Three Dives serves jerk chicken with a homemade granny sauce people insist on taking home, grilled lobster in season (with garlic butter, callaloo, rice and peas...yum), Jamaican fish dishes and seasonal specials. Vegetarians can enjoy a large plate of callaloo with rice and peas. (Callaloo, by the way, is a green leafy vegetable sort of like spinach but without the chalky bitter taste. It is usually sautéed with spices. Rice and "peas" is a traditional Jamaican dish - "peas" are like red beans.)

There are two bars, one by the restaurant and one by the cliffside. Most visitors come for a leisurely evening of drinks, a great view of the setting sun and a great dinner, it makes a very nice change of pace from the hordes of tourists found elsewhere...many stay to enjoy a nighttime bonfire and music. Some come by for lunch (in season) and a climb into our cave or a jump off our cliff. What everyone comes back for is the great food and the warm hospitality of the owner-chefs, Lydie and Paula.

3 Dives is not a fancy place nor is it a place for a quick meal...it's a real place, and a must-do in Negril and not in a rush. Stop by and see us next time you're here!

Isn't it time for you to experience true Jamaican hospitality and food on the cliffs of Negril? 3 Dives is open for dinner and sunset year round, also for lunch in high season. Need to make contact? Call 876-782-9990 or 876-472-5457.